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"when used in folk and bluegrass music, the instrument can also be referred to as an upright bass, standup bass, bass fiddle, ...doghouse bass, dog-house, ...or bunkhouse bass." (Wikipedia)

My father, Charlie, played the bass in a Canadian band in the 1950s hence the name!


2006-07-09 16:05:20

Falls in Winter

Niagara Falls Winter 1999 -7C The mist was freezing to our coats.

Another winter scene in earlier days:

Nia Falls Ice Bridge.jpg




The “Honeymoon Bridge”, which collapsed spectacularly in 1938



Brock's Monument

Brock’s Monument, Queenston Heights Battlefield.

Erected to the glory of Ontario politicians in the 1840s. Brock’s last words are alledged to be “Push On, Brave York Volunteers” Neat trick if he was shot point blank. Some suggest the York Volunteers were nowhere near Brock. However some did go on to run the province.

Monument Dark.jpg

Painting of original monument


Award winning poster from Brock University, circa 1978-9

More about Brock University here.

Brock U 1.jpg

Later version of a similar poster. I didn’t like this one as much.


Brock U 2.jpg

Not very intimidating logo of the Brock sports teams in the 1980s.


More recent logo. Thats more like it.

Beware the Badger! ;-)


Hardly looks like a Battlefield does it?

Queenston 100001.jpg

The Americans invaded from just across the Niagara River to the right of the stream flowing into the distance.


Welcome to Canada.jpg

Always a warm welcome at Fort George :-)

River 1.jpg

Historic view of the Niagara River

Queenston Card 010001.jpg

Brock’s Monument in the 1910s












Lundy's Lane Battlefield

Lundy’s Lane Battlefield (I waited almost 10 minutes for the flag to unfurl)

Lundys Lane

Another view. One of the bloodiest battles of the War of 1812. Results inconclusive. Ironically, it took place in a graveyard.

Just down the street from the Battlefied is (sadly) the best kept secret in a city that prides itself on tourism…The Lundy’s Lane Historical Museum. Read about it here.

Queenston 270001a.jpg

Laura Secord, Heroine of Upper Canada. This is her grave right? Wrong. Its a replica on the Queenston Heights Battlefield.

Queenston 360001a.jpg

Today the only occupiers on Queenston Heights are tourists and Squirrels.

Lundys Lane 250001.jpg

Laura Secord’s Real Grave. Lundy’s Lane

Lundys Lane 180001.jpg

Same spot in summer. There is a large British flag on the monument, and usually a Canadian flag on Laura’s grave and American flags on the graves of the American soldiers.

Lundys Lane 010001.jpg

Lundys Lane 030001.jpg

Lundys Lane 0400011.jpg

Lundys Lane 120001.jpg

Lundys Lane 140001.jpg

Ironically next to the scene of the bloody battle is…a day care.

Lundys Lane 170001.jpg

At Lundy’s Lane Canadian Sovereignty was assured, and the Americans were driven out forever. Except for the tourists. You can get to the battlefield via Lundy’s Lane, now a major thoroughfare. It runs past McDonalds…and Wendy’s….and Arby’s…and KFC…and…

Lundy 1.jpg

At one time the battlefield was a major attraction with an observation tower! Now its largely forgotten.

Lundys Lane 300001.jpg

Cold winter sunset on the battlefield

Here is an interesting new website, which talks about Cultural Tourism on both sides of the Niagara River. Check it out here.

Since the war ended in 1814, officially in 1817, Canada and the United States have lived in peace side by side for almost 200 years. Sure we have disagreements, but name 2 other countries that can claim two centuries of peace and friendship.

I bet its hard.